Mombasa to Ísland.

We arrived in Mombasa late Tuesday (March 15th) night. Driving through the city, you could just smell the ocean, ah I couldn’t wait. The YWAM base here is on an island so we had to cross with a ferry–everyone was so giddy to just be there. Mombasa is the place we as a team have been talking about before we left Iceland, but finances originally looked like we wouldn’t be able to. It would get brought up now and again but normally get put down. So to be here doing debrief at the end of our outreach is so phenomenal.
We’ve spent our days conversing about this time, this adventure that the Lord has taken us on. We looked at our growth in our gifts, in intimacy, with each other–it’s just been an encouraging time for all of us I think. We wrote on the board all the ministries and significant people that we’ve met and been a part of on a  white board; I was overwhelmed by all that we’ve been able to do. The amount of seeds that the Lord has used us to plant in these short weeks is just incredible. In addition to conversing was just relaxing on the beach. Oh my heart. The ocean is peace to me, I’ve had so many intimate moments with the Lord just sitting by the ocean–so I was just breathing deeply, soaking it in, in the few days there.

Saturday (March 19) night we went out for a celebratory dinner at the Tamarind. Which happens to be one of the nicest restaurants in Kenya, next to Carnivore. It’s been so incredible to see how the Lord has very literally showed us that we are seated at the banquet table. The dinner was incredible–fish fillets, crème brûlée, Moroccan mint tea, lobster, shrimp pasta,–just eating like kings and queens. There was a live band and where we sat overlooked the night sea.

I think one of my favorite parts of this night was when I eyed an older dutch couple sitting a couple of tables away. The woman was just kind of dancing in her seat and the man was just smiling over at her. I could tell that she wanted to dance, so I went over and suggested that he take his lovely wife onto the dance. To see them laugh and enjoy each other was so beautiful. They were so precious.

Our last days have just been filled with rest and ocean time. :)

We started our journey back to Iceland–on Sunday (I think)(The days are all meshing together).Landing here in Iceland felt so surreal. It’s all a little overwhelming.

I’m walking into a new season–it’s a little scary and exciting. Can’t wait to see what adventures God has in store for life after the DTS. (Yes, there is life after the DTS).

Cheers to new adventures!


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