Sweet Home Franklin, TN.

I started crying a bit as my plane was landing in Nashville. Excited, nervous, happy, exhausted, joyful & nostalgic were a few of the emotions I was feeling–or those that I could decipher. Mom picked me up with 3 surprise guests with her: Faith, Shannon & Jason. Shannon has grown so much, and doesn’t remember me :( but it was so good to see their faces. Faith even brought me beautiful roses!

Jason & Shannon @ The Airport

Then it was off to a surprise brunch with Mark W., Rafi, and Scotty (Who I hadn’t seen since he left for Indonesia April ’09!) at the Pfunky Griddle—the cutest little restaurant off Thompson Ln. in Nashville. There you order the type of batter and toppings you would like on your pancakes, then they bring it out and you cook the pancakes right on the griddle at your table!–How fun!

Today I attended Grace Center where Heidi Baker was guest speaking, and it was beautiful, really. Worship alone was so life-giving. I am so thankful to be able to come home and go to a service where Chris McClarney & Michaela McLaird are leading worship. God was just pouring into me like I’ve been crying out for since I landed in the states. Heidi spoke the Lords heart for most of the service and everything was spot on—for this city, the Bride, and personally. I could have sat there and soaked all day. Then a nice Tennessee-backroad drive to Grace Chapel–beautiful. It’s been wonderful to see familiar faces and hearts these past two days. 


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