There’s no place I would rather be…

It’s been quite the wild week, being back home in the good ol’ south. Thursday I was able to go to worship night at the Caleb house. Oh my goodness it was incredible. Three hours of solid worship, jimbays, guitars, and piano. I had a moment in which I realized there is literally no place I would rather be but there on that couch worshiping and reuniting.

Baby Shannon gettin a bath. I love spending time with the True fam.

It was a full blown reunion, the whole gang was back together, but what was different was how much we’d all grown. I could just see it on everyone’s faces. You could tell that the Lord had done work in everyone’s lives.  Even then though I knew this time, this summer is going to be short and we are all going to part again. It was as if the Lord was just bringing us all back together to rest. To restore. To act as the body and just help wash each others feet from our long journeys. We all sat together and just prayed with one another. It was just such a sweet reunion! Sigh. I love my home and I am so blessed with the beautiful scenery of Tennessee and the people who God has placed in my life.
The next day was Caleb Co graduation. It touched my heart to see people I love so dearly share testimony after testimony of the incredible favor and blessing that they walked in while doing their outreach in Israel in addition to the growth with the Father in this time. Then I spent the rest of my day with Momma Kim in her time-warped house where an hour is actually 3! We lost track of time and all of a sudden it was 6pm! But what a sweet time it was. That’s how it’s been here at home, sweet. Spending time with old friends and just reconnecting.

Rope swingin down by the Harpeth on a Sunday afternoon--lovely.

During worship on Friday, the Lord took me back to a familiar place, that I’ve written about before. He gave me a vision of him & I running and playing by the sea. He led me into cave on the beach, where we spent time. He was confirming that what he’s been speaking to me lately; that this time & season is to be a time of being with Him & growing in the secret place.  I’ve felt that I should stay “unemployed” (still work, just not a steady 9-5 job) and take odd jobs as they come in, and He will provide the rest that is needed. I’ve already been seeing confirmations out of just walking forward. It’s exciting, this life with the Lord, and I love it.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day wherever in the world you’re reading this from. And I pray you shine love out everywhere you walk. I just want to encourage you to walk forward with just open arms with the Lord. He has life and life ABUNDANT for you, even if what he’s asking you to do seems the opposite.
Amen. :)

Ps–check out for the latest message Alyn spoke last night. It was wonderful and about really trusting in the Father’s faithfulness. He talked about similar topics I had been feeling this week— and the Lord giving out of his abundance to bless your socks off! It’s wonderful–“5 Things I wished I’d learned.” Go download it!


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