Wow. Haven’t updated in a hot minute. Ooops.

Well not being in a foreign country kind of makes filling your blog up with crazy stories a little hard. I can’t find glaciers and African street children here in the sweet Tennessee. But what I can still find? God’s beauty. It is all around, even in my hometown. I don’t want to have to be in another country to be able to appreciate beauty, it’s just out my front door!  The warm spring (feels a lot like summer) days are wonderful with the sunlight bouncing off the rolling hills.

Aside from appreciating beauty God has been up to quite a lot in this heart of mine. In this month since I’ve been home (I can’t believe it’s already been a month!) Papa’s been taking me through some self-reflection and showing me areas that I have yet to let him in & areas he has more healing for. It’s a painful, wonderful, deepening process that really never ends. We may go through seasons where the deepening is everyday, but we’re always going to grow and Gods always going to have more in store for you! Amen!

Hope to write more soon.



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