All I need.

My desire for more of the Lord has been a constant. But the last week I’ve been seeking it more. I took a short break from the internet to cleanse that constant facebook-checking, email-checking, pinterest pinning and all that jazz that tends to suck you in for hours. Time flies and then you wonder where the heck your afternoon as has gone. These social networking tool are wonderful in balance, but  when it gets out of wack and its more of the norm for my mornings or afternoons to pass, it becomes a bit of a problem. So this past week as just been open time to fill with spending time with loved ones, doing real tangible things and just spending open-ended amounts of time with the Lord and reading its just been wonderful. I ended my break just as the MORE+ conference was starting, which was just brilliant.

The conference kicked off with the wonderful, incredible Kris Vallotton and continuing with incredible worship and speakers like Linda Dumcum and AJ Jones ahh it was just so refreshing. I want to share with you some nuggets I received this week…

1. We are called to live for a generation we will never see.

2. “…And whatever city or village you enter, inquire who is worthy in it, and stay at his house until you leave that city. “As you enter the house, give it your greeting. “If the house is worthy, give it your blessing of peace. But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace.” Matthew 10:11-13

Jordan pointed out that if Jesus is telling His disciples not to stay in a place that isn’t worthy, but yet He lives in us. We are his home and temple, then doesn’t that make us worthy? Because He’s not going to stay somewhere that isn’t worthy? Wow. Which in turn means I am worthy, you are worthy. Incredible.

3. This was a big one. While I was in Iceland I was given a word that the Lord was saying over me “if you could just see the way I see you, stop striving, and realize that I am who I say I am” the person who was giving this word to me got a picture of jack and the giant bean stock. Now if you remember the story basically a boy was sent by his mother to sell his cow but after a long day an old man stopped by him on the road and said “Sell your cow to me. I will pay you well. Look at these beans. Only plant them, and overnight you will find you have the finest bean plants in all the world. You’ll be better off with these beans than with an old cow or money. ” Sure enough over night a beanstalk rose up tall into the sky. There’s more to the story that doesn’t apply well but basically God was saying “just buy the magic bean and it will take you into the heavens, just buy into the fact that I am who I say I am!” I wrote all this down and tucked it away in my journal, not really getting what this meant to me. For I felt I had already bought the magic bean, what was He talking about? So last night, the last night of the conference Linda gave an incredible message, all I kept hearing, although not her topic, was the Father heart. God reminded me of the above word and asked “when are you going to buy the magic bean?” This time it hit me and pierced my heart. I have spent time striving not to strive. Which sounds crazy. I’ve been striving to walk in the revelation, and digging in my own garden for the things I think I need to get healing from or deal with instead of letting God be God. In the moment of my revelation Lind quoted something really profound. She said “faith is getting in the wheel barrel and allowing God to push you across the tight rope, but trust is eating peanuts along the way.” That was it. I’ve spent so much time gripping the sides of the wheel barrel not allowing God to be God and rest in who He says He is, waiting for Him to drop me. Again, “when are you going to buy the magic bean?” Now. So this is something that I’m walking out but it was just a beautiful breakthrough I wasn’t even aware I needed. That’s normally how Papa works anyway, right?

Well I hope these nuggets that I received will encourage and inspire you to want more.

Bless Bless.


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