Summer Calling.

I was sitting with a good friend of mine conversing about “calling.” She said something that really struck me…she said that normally the people you surround yourself with are a good indicator of what your calling is [or at least where you’re headed]. So I thought for a moment and remembered 4 of my good friends were just in India and then they went their own ways to Mozambique, Israel & Thailand! Also, another good friend just returned from Ecuador. I’m also dating someone who’s been doing missions work for the past 6 years. Hint…Hint…

I’ve always known I had missions on my heart but this was just another nudge of encouragement. Especially in what the Lord has been teaching me: living by faith. Oh goodness. One of the hardest things. But I had a little epiphany the other day, thinking on how God is a good Father and each season will teach us something for the next….glory to glory. So it’s as though the Lord is teaching me how to live by faith and fully trust him while I’m here at home, surrounded by a “safety net” before he sends me out. How wonderful.

So moral of the story: Trust that the Lord has you. He has his hand on your situation and He’s teaching you something awesome for the next season.

That’s all. ♥


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