One Blog to Another — Faith True

Once upon a time two girls who barely knew each other decided to skip a class in high school together which landed them in detention. When in detention they realized they were depending on each other for a ride home. After a long, boring hour of detention the two set out to find a way home. They walked to a friends house nearby, rang the doorbell several times, but the boy inside could not hear them because he was too busy rockin’ out to creed…or something of the sort. So these two thought it would be brilliant to just let ourselves into the house. After scaring the bejeebies out of the poor boy and a series of events they were given runts candy and a ride home in a red convertible.


There they talked about cute boys in school, where they grew up, their families, became best friends…and the rest is history.

Those two girls were me and my best friend to this day, Faith. After 8 years, I’d say we’ve seen each other in some interesting situations. We’ve lived together (not the best idea), partied together (again, not a good idea), and the best was when we each found Father God again, this time separately. Then Papa God restored our friendship and what most friendships don’t survive, ours did.

It’s been a little over a year since she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Shannon Joy, and I would like to introduce you to her blog. Filled with adorable baby photos, funny thoughts and quotes, and pictures with her new man….

Please visit: A Twenty-Something & Her Irish Bun.


So....What did you think?

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