Details: The Proposal

Tyler and I are officially engaged! Friday morning I woke up really early to take a friend who had spent the night to work. My mom texts me and says “Tyler is here and he’s fixing you breakfast so you better get home.” So I rushed home only to find that nobody was there, weird. I found at the kitchen table was a plate with scrambled eggs (in the shape of a heart), toast, fresh-cut strawberries, juice, basically the breakfast works and a letter. I was so blessed and thankful! What a pleasant surprise! I texted Tyler to thank him and tell him how wonderful the breakfast was. He told me to stay put because there was a surprise coming at 9:30.

Sure enough at 9:30 there’s a ring at the door bell and I open it to see a friend of ours that he works with, Debbie. I blankly stared at her and said “what?” I had totally spaced on the fact that she’s a massage therapist! She was there to give me a massage! Yesssss.

After the massage I thought the surprises were over, I texted Ty once again, thanking him for the wonderful morning. But he had yet another surprise, he had hidden a bag full of The Body Shop products so I could enjoy a bath after my massage! Honestly by this point I still had no idea anything was going on. He does sweet things for me quite often, sure this was a bit over the top, but I was still not thinking proposal!

After my wonderful morning I went on a previously planned shopping date with my girlfriend, Goodwin. And the rest of the day was supposed to be girls day… after shopping we met up with our friend Ellis to get our nails done.

While getting our nails done we decided to have a cuddly girls night, stay in, watch a movie and eat pizza. In addition to all the above Ellis suggested that we take Goodwin to this mini-lake she had never seen before, in cool springs (It’s been a sort of tradition for Ellis and I to do this, so it wasn’t weird).

When we got to the lake parking lot, all of us got out of the car. Ellis handed me a letter and then they both ran to the car and drove away. Now I knew something was up. In addition to a wonderful poem, the letter had instructions to “meet me at the dock.”

To get to the dock you have to walk up over a hill, so I couldn’t see the dock from the parking lot. As I walked up over the hill I could see the dock covered in candles! It is about a 2 minute walk to the dock and I knew what was coming, I just wanted to scream “Yes!” from where I was walking!! But I waited. He met me at the end of the dock with a bouquet of flowers, sat me down on a bench, got down on one knee, said a beautiful speech that I can’t remember because I was crying and too emotional and in the process of being proposed to!!

I said yes (of course), but it doesn’t stop there! He took me out to a really nice dinner and then suggested we go to Kim & John Chandlers house to celebrate with them and show them the ring.  We walk in and 40 of my favorite people were in their house to celebrate! Tyler (and friends) had planned a surprise engagement party following the proposal! Woohoo!!

So. Much. Fun.

*All photos by Madi Flournoy


2 thoughts on “Details: The Proposal

  1. ugh this made me cry! So happy for you beautiful. I love you guys, and know you’ll have a beautiful and God-honoring life together! <3 <3 <3

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