How To Make A Smoothie

Our love started out like this:

And grew to be this:

The best day of my life, thus far. We were surrounded by everyone we love and who love and support us. Our hearts are filled with thankfulness for all the speeches, gifts, kind words, services, and just everyone who made the day happen. Especially to my incredible mom who with help pulled the whole thing off.

It’s been such a blast being married to my best friend in the past week we’ve uncovered a new depth to our relationship and the love that we have for one another. And it’s going to grow even deeper, I mean it’s only been 2 weeks! Our honey moon was so relaxing. We stayed at the Grand Hotel in Fairhope right on the bay! It was beautiful. We took bike-rides, went sailing, kayaking and relaxing by the pool. Sigh. In some ways I think “I wish I was there, on the water, relaxing for days” but in others, I love real life. Not that vacation isn’t real life, but it’s slightly strange to get married and while trying to get used to the idea that you actually got married be in a non-real place. Obviously Fairhope is a real place, but you know it’s not the day in day out realities of living life together—-which is so much fun! It’s like having sleep-overs with your best friend forever.

Granite we’ve had to adjust. Our first moment of realizing each others “normals” came when we were running late for school and I asked him to make a smoothie. “We don’t have time” he said from the kitchen. “It takes like two seconds,” I said back (typical influencer response). So I come in the kitchen and he’s cracking eggs, girding flax seeds—-“what are you doing?!” I asked. “Makin’ a smoothie.” This is where we both got frustrated. You see, I make my smoothie easy—-frozen fruit, spinach, yogurt and juice——that’s why it takes “two seconds.”

It was a funny little moment and we had a good laugh about it when we got in the car; but we found that this is a nice picture of what this new season we just walked into is like. Learning how to blend our lives together, what goes, what’s the norms etc. All the good stuff we learned in marriage prep class and got to go “ooohhh this is what they were talking about!” Haha

A friend of ours thought “How To Make A Smoothie” would make a good book for newly weds…to talk about our experiences of what it was like trying to “blend our lives together.” For now it’s just a blog post, but who knows….


So....What did you think?

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