Today God Watered The Plants



Today God watered the plants. He took a fire hose to the crunchy grass. He flooded the steaming parking lots and said it was good.

This being an unusually quiet day at the coffeehouse, my coworker and I sat and talked, found things to clean and reclean, and chatted up our few lingering patrons. I was in the middle of a conversation when the lights flickered off and on again. Thunder seemed to shake our roof. I realized my car’s windows were still down. Rushing out, I sealed it up. I was only out there a minute, but it was enough for squishy shoes and soaked clothes. This is Tennessee. Thank you God.

We have loved our past couple of weeks since Canada. Summer is the best: sunburns and tans, swimming pools and friends abound. I could stay here a little while.


So....What did you think?

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