sushi date

FMarie_PicFrame1_blog FMarie_130307_1451_blog FMarie_PicFrame2_blogFMarie_130307_1466_blog FMarie_130307_1470_blogFMarie_PicFrame3_blog FMarie_130307_1475_blog FMarie_130307_1498_blog FMarie_130307_1505_blog FMarie_130307_1508_blogThis is my wonderful friend Lauren, with whom I have a blast. Sushi has been a bit of a theme in our friendship so it’s never a surprise when we plan sushi dates or like yesterday, she invites me over for homemade sushi.

We’ve come to the realization that sushi dates are the most intimate kind of dates. The reason for this is when you take a bite of sushi, you’re committed to that huge bite which means you and the other person must simply stare deep into each others eyes or at the puppy pooing on your friends kitchen floor (true story).

Friends who can talk through a mouth full of sushi really are the best kind of friends.


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