Mikinzi + Vance

This past week I was able to do a fun photo-shoot with these two. I currently work with Vance and I had met his girlfriend, Mikinzi a few months ago. Ever since I met her I’ve been dreaming of doing a shoot (I think it was the blue hair) — so we finally made it happen. I had a blast hangin’ with them, very laid back and fun! So, enjoy some of the shots!
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The Mayflood Craziness.

Faith's Backyard

Hillsboro Rd/Hwy 96 West

Bank of America

Helping Josh move cars out of the car lot

Oh but don't worry we got out last night to get pedicures haha.

Nutella & Waffles for breakfast after a very eventful morning

Faith's backyard.

Engagement Photos 4/17

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“There is no fear in love, for the greatest love casteth out fear” John 4:18