Life’s Beauty


I kind of have a thing for flowers.

Port Hardy


This past week us and the team spent the week serving at Port Hardy Christian Fellowship. At first glance you wouldn’t suspect half of the amazing testimonies we’ve heard: people getting miraculously healed, gold teeth, gems and more! While we were there we led a conference, speaking each night on a topic we’d learned and prepared at the school. People received it well and we saw so much breakthrough in ministry times.

In addition to the conference we were so blessed to go out on a boat and see the beauty that surrounds this quaint little town…

Port Hardy, [Supernatural] British Columbia

Loving this outreach to British Columbia. To read more behind the photos please visit:

Father Heart Sharing



Team Canada day 7: @feliciaplease sharing the Father heart message with the healing room volunteers! #soslcanada (Taken with instagram)